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CDXStreamer™ imports business data into Microsoft Office at the click of a mouse with no programming, cut and paste or complex database queries to understand. It is the ideal way to link your documents to databases and the internet.

CDXStreamer™ is a powerful add-in designed for Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office documents. This patented technology is used by market and business professionals to streamline the retrieval on-line market or corporate data for custom spreadsheets. The technology can be applied as a front end for web-sites, enterprise databases and web services. With CDXStreamer™, your portfolio or other financial model is updated with just a few clicks of the mouse. No detailed knowledge of Excel is required.

CDXStreamer™ offers the following advantages:

  1. The ability to specify the required data items, order, orientation and offset of tabular data entered into a spreadsheet. All that is required is that an underlying index value such as a stock symbol be entered into a row or column of the spreadsheet. Then point and click to the data you need to completely describe how your spreadsheet should be set up.
  2. Automated linking to the data source to insure the latest data is present with the ability to refresh data and undo entries.
  3. Formatting and column headings automatically added.
  4. The ability to store and recall commonly used table settings for reuse on other worksheets or workbooks.
  5. When displaying web-site data, the underlying indices can be automatically linked to data items such as company news or other relevant data.

Here is an example of using CDXStreamer™ to bring in market quotes and other data from a web site. All you do is type the symbols of the securities you wish to analyze on the worksheet in a single row or column. Then start CDXStreamer™, select your import options, and press the GetQuote(s) button using a dialog similar to that shown below.

CDXStreamer™ then retrieves the on-line market information you requested and places it on your custom worksheet. The organization of the imported data can easily be modified to match the format required by your existing worksheets. The number of securities that can be retrieved at one time is virtually unlimited.

Here is a small sample. All you had to do was type the four symbols and press Get Quote(s).

CDXStreamer™ did the rest.

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