Custom Application Overview

Our extensive experience in developing financial solutions along with state of the art technology and a leveraged platform approach make Hughes Financial Services an ideal business partner.

HFS has originated a series of software platforms for implementing sophisticated and powerful analytical and reporting tools particularly well suited to the needs of the financial community. Both standalone, smart-client and completely web-based products have been created. The technologies employed include Excel and Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, ASP, VB .NET and ASP.NET. The platforms are extremely flexible and secure, and as such can easily be tailored to specific client requirements.

Here are some example products that HFS has successfully deployed using this platform approach:

  • Portfolio Analysis and Asset Allocation
  • Fixed Income Analysis
  • Fund Performance Metrics
  • Options Analytics
  • Commission Calculators
  • Retirement Planners

Our key to success is to develop a series of reusable modules that implement the common software functions required. While each technology may implement a function in a different way, all of our platforms have a common foundation. The block diagram shown at the bottom of this page illustrates the software elements involved.

The platform uses a series of databases to store all required application data. Our database experience includes Microsoft Access, SQL 2000, MySQL, Sybase and other enterprise databases.

Each user has the ability to log-on to the software and tailor the application with his or her name and other personal preferences.

Multiple profiles are maintained for each user so that specific reports and other analysis can be recreated or made current with the latest data. These profiles can also be shared across multiple applications. A separate database stores application data with entries specific to each user and profile.

For example, imagine multiple salesmen (the users) who each maintain a list of clients (profiles) who each have a purchasing history (application data).

Our user interface design employs a navigation pane and a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) to access the various features of the program. For one implementation, see the section on CDXSmartView™ . The navigation pane, or explorer bar, can be expanded as needed and allows the user to view a report or other program section with just a click of the mouse. The MDI provides the ability to keep multiple reports or application sections in separate windows. These windows can be cascaded, tiled, minimized or maximized so that they can be restored at a moments notice or viewed side by side to contrast results.

Reports in our application can be further refined by using additional sorts, queries and filters. Another unique feature is the ability to export all reports into multiple formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, HTML and XML. Crystal Reports by Business Objects is the technology used to provide this feature. All applications contain a complete functional description in an associated HTML help file.

HFS has extensive experience in employing real-time market data into financial applications using (Component Object Model) COM or Microsoft ActiveX, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) or custom web services. Your proprietary data can also be updated instantly using Web Services and XML. This data can be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or other encryption technologies such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Data Encryption Standard (DES).

Our leveraged platform approach using reusable software modules combined with our extensive experience and history of success will be a winning combination for you.