Web Development Overview

The internet is the ideal platform for enterprise applications where universal availability and analysis of vital customer or company information is required.

HFS has created numerous web applications, both custom designed and commercial products. We have a successful track record implementing Microsoft internet technologies including ASP, ASP.NET, ADO and ADO.NET. All were designed in a timely and cost-effective manner, employing our technology platform approach. Microsoft .NET offers the following advantages:

Performance  - Compiled code and caching allow ASP.NET applications to be extremely scalable and exceed the performance of J2EE applications.

Language Independence - The development environment of .NET supports the code base of over 20 separate languages insuring maximum leverage of existing code for your project.

Development Time - When compared to Java, ASP.NET requires less than half of the number of lines of code required for a given procedure. Existing code, such as COM components can be used directly without conversion. This directly translates to lower development costs.

Web Services - Microsoft .NET technology also allows us to rapidly develop web services for your company and seamlessly integrate that data into your business processes and applications.

For an example demonstrating the advantages of .NET versus J2EE review the Pet Store application on MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network).

For examples of our work, please see the Newsletter subscription and the CDXWebSpace® product web site. To review a demo or discuss your application with HFS please email sales@hughesfs.com.