Welcome to the Hughes Financial Services web site.

Hughes Financial Services Inc. (HFS) develops quality leading edge financial software for corporate clients. This includes solutions and add-ins based on Microsoft Office and custom development of desktop and web based applications.

The company also markets commerical solutions under the "CDX Technologies" product name. This includes "CDXZipStream", "CDXStreamer", and "CDXGeodata". These products specialize in business intelligence for location based data including geocoding, routing and demographics.

Our company has produced financial applications since 1987 and our products are in use at major investment firms and other Fortune 500 companies. Our reputation is based on the ability to solve problems and deploy solutions in a timeframe and cost that others can't match.

The purpose of our web site is to show examples of our work and key technologies we employ. For a quick review of what Hughes Financial Services can offer, click on one of the pieces of the puzzle on the right. Additional detail on any technology can be obtained by selecting the appropriate item in the menu above. A technology overview is also available on this site's "About Us" page. If you find that our products or capabilities match a need you may have, please contact Hughes Financial Services to discuss how we can work together to achieve a timely and cost effective implementation.