Welcome to the Hughes Financial Services web site
Hughes Financial Services Inc. (HFS) develops quality leading edge financial software for corporate clients. Our specialty is Microsoft enterprise software. This includes standalone and web-based applications, Microsoft Office solutions, enterprise databases, and work-flow/messaging software. Our products are currently in use at major investment firms and other Fortune 500 companies.

The purpose of our website is to show examples of our work and the key technologies we employ in developing products and custom applications. To do this, follow the hyperlinks in the subjects below. If you find that our products or capabilities match a need you may have, please contact Hughes Financial Services to discuss how we can work together to achieve a timely and cost effective implementation.

MS Office Solutions:
A powerful software development platform is probably already deployed on your desktop. The Microsoft Office Professional Suite (including Excel, Access, Outlook and Word) is a set of sophisticated applications and tools that enable the rapid creation of custom software solutions. Each component of Office is fully programmable using COM (Component Object Model) and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Additional synergies between the elements of Microsoft Office allow us to build solutions that seamlessly share corporate data and reports across your network. HFS solutions can supplement the capabilities of Office via add-ins or provide complete end-user applications. We've successfully developed advanced applications such as portfolio managers based solely on the Office platform.

Add-in Technologies:
COM based add-in applications for Outlook and Excel can significantly improve the productivity of your workforce.

HFS add-ins for Outlook feature workflow automation, stream-line data collection, track bulk mailings lists and enhance other email functions. They are designed to work with the latest Outlook security patches from Microsoft.

Our patented technology CDXStreamer™ is a powerful Excel add-in. It is used by financial professionals to streamline the retrieval of market and business data for custom spreadsheets. With CDXStreamer™, your spreadsheet is updated with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Our company also develops standalone applications which do not require Microsoft Office or a browser to run. For one example of this please review our CDXSmartView™ technology. This architecture can include "smart-client" technology using web services to produce highly interactive internet enabled applications.

Web Technologies:
HFS has proven skills in developing custom and commercial products for the web. These products employ advanced web technologies, including ASP (Active Server Pages), ASP.NET, XML (eXtended Markup Language), advanced file and string encryption and SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The result is secure, feature-rich platforms, for viewing, analyzing and exchanging business critical information. The Client Access feature on this site is based on a proprietary CDXWebspace® technology developed by HFS.

Custom Application Development:
We will work with you to choose the right implementation technology for your application based on features and available budget. HFS can provide the solution whether you need to customize Microsoft Office, develop an internet application or standalone product. For each technology we support a flexible platform with reusable software modules. This platform based methodology will insure a timely and cost-effective implementation of your solution.