Access Overview

Business data is worthless unless market trends can be quickly acted upon. HFS database solutions provide state of the art reporting tools to quickly and easily provide the business intelligence you need to compete in today's market.

As part of the Microsoft Office Professional Suite, Access is tightly integrated with Excel, Word, Outlook and other Office applications. Additionally, Access comes with its own database back end (called Jet) and report generation module, allowing for the creation of detailed reports in tabular and chart format. Access works with many data sources including the Access (.mdb) database format, Outlook, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, Paradox, and various text file formats. Other ODBC drivers are available for the most popular Mainframe databases.

HFS has developed proprietary database applications using both the Access report generator to create Switchboards and a custom standalone product named CDXSmartView™. CDXSmartView™ was developed in Visual Basic and uses an advanced reporting tool named Crystal Reports by Business Objects.

How Can HFS Help?
Since our specialty is Microsoft Office enterprise solutions, we have extensive experience in working with clients to define and develop high quality database applications. These tools and our proven techniques make for rapid and cost-effective applications tailored to your specific needs.

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