Microsoft Office Overview

A complete software platform to rapidly produce customized solutions that are a perfect fit for your business

The Microsoft Office Professional Suite is a sophisticated array of software applications that can easily be tailored to produce powerful applications. Some of the key advantages of using the Office platform for your applications include:

Development Cost - Many thousands of man-hours have already been invested in making Office a comprehensive and flexible automation platform. This technology along with a leveraged modular software strategy and the experience of HFS make a successful combination at an affordable cost

Familiar Technology - Your employees already know how to use Microsoft Office. Our applications use the same familiar interface and can be easily deployed on your existing company intranet.

You are part of the solution! - Simply build the report or analytical tool you need in Excel or Access and let HFS do the rest. You know the end result you want and we provide the expertise to automate and package the software on a company-wide basis.

Click on the links that follow for examples of how custom implementations of Excel, Outlook, and Access can greatly improve your office productivity

We have proven abilities to rapidly deploy custom Excel spreadsheets across the enterprise. Portfolio management, asset allocation, and numerous other financial models have been developed. Our unique design approach uses client/server and XML technologies to allow changes in your financial models to be instantly deployed.

As one example of what can be done, imagine having a new pricing structure in a spreadsheet instantly updated to all your sales people throughout the world. HFS has a successful track record of developing complete applications and COM add-ins to enhance the basic capabilities of Excel.

The vast majority of Outlook users view it as an excellent email program. Few however, realize the powerful collaboration, work-flow and data collection capabilities of Outlook. Microsoft Outlook can easily be customized to conduct market surveys, manage newsletter subscriptions and automate many other email functions. These applications employ custom-designed forms and COM add-ins as key solution elements.

Our database expertise ranges from desktop applications to enterprise and web-based reporting tools. HFS has developed proprietary user interfaces in Access and Visual Basic that streamline the querying, report generation and printing of business data. For the ultimate database and business intelligence tool consider CDXSmartViewTM.